Didattica 2017/2018

seminari comuni ad entrambi i dottorati del dipartimento
Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications - Dott. Claudio Sangregorio

Il corso avrà la durata di 8 ore.


Course details: The course aims at providing an up to date overview on the application of magnetic nanoparticles in biomedicine and on future perspectives. The first part will be dedicated to a brief introduction to the physical properties of this class of materials. Then, the main areas of application, including magnetic fluid hyperthermia and thermoablation, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Molecular Imaging, magnetic cell separation and sorting, magnetic drug delivery, molecular detection and biosensing, will be discussed. The state of the art on the design of these smart biocompatible nanostructures will be also reviewed. The course will be held from January to March 2019


Per ulteriori informazioni e per adesioni si prega di contattare il docente

Dott. Claudio Sangregorio

Cosmetic Products Regulatory Affairs - Prof.ssa Marisanna Centini

Nel corso verrà illustrato il Regolamento 1223 del Parlamento Europeo e del Consiglio sui prodotti cosmetici che ha apportato notevoli cambiamenti agli aspetti regolatori del settore cosmetico. Inoltre verrà illustrata la regolamentazione dei nanomateriali e dei prodotti biologici/naturali.

Le lezioni saranno svolte nella settimana 10-14 settembre 2018 secondo un calendario che verrà concordato con gli studenti.

Per ulteriori informazioni contattare la Prof.ssa Marisanna Centini marisanna.centini@unisi.it


The course will illustrate the Regulation (EC) 1223 of the European Parliament and the Council on cosmetic products which has made significant changes to the regulatory aspects of the cosmetic sector. In addition, the regulation of nanomaterials and organic/natural products will be illustrated.

The course will be held in September 2018, in particular in the week 10-14, according to a schedule that will be agreed with the students.

For more information please contact Prof. Marisanna Centini marisanna.centini@unisi.it

Oxidoreductases and oxygenases: insights on the catalytic mechanism and use for the synthesis of fine chemicals - 1 CFU - Prof.ssa Rebecca Pogni
  • Lunedì 14/05      - 15:00-17:00 - Aula 7 - Lesson 1: Introduction on the structural properties of Peroxidases, Laccases, P450, mono and dioxygenases
  • Mercoledì 16/05  - 09:00-11:00 - Aula 23 -  Lesson 2: Insights on the catalytic mechanism of native and mutated enzymes
  • Giovedì 17/05     - 11:00-13:00 - Aula 21 - Lesson 3: Examples of applications
  • Venerdì 18/05     - 09:00-11:00 - Aula 7 -  Lesson 4: Examples of applications


Per ulteriori informazioni si prega di contattare la Prof.ssa Rebecca Pogni

What can you do with Crystallographic Databases? - Dott. Andrea Ienco (CNR-ICCOM)

Crystallographic databases are a fundamental source of structural data. Several information (e.g. distance and angles, conformation preferences, non covalent interactions) can be extracted and can be used in different field from material science to pharmaceutical applications.

The aim of this course is to introduce some search technique, visualization and statistical tools available in the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD). Two general lessons will be followed by four hours of tutorials and hand-on experiences.

For more information please contact Andrea Ienco andrea.ienco@cnr.it

Proposed Timetable:

May 10 2018 from 10 to 12 - Aula 9

May 17 2018 from 12 to 15 - Aula 11

May 24 2018 from 10 to 12

May 31 2018 from 10 to 12

Chemistry for energy: new generation photovoltaics - Dott. Alessandro Mordini (CNR-ICCOM)

The course will illustrate the state of the art of the most important technologies for energy production in the field of photovoltaics and will focus on the chemical aspects of the emerging technologies with particular reference to the third generation one (DSSC= Dye Sensitized Solar Cells). The general principles of all avalilable technologies will be discussed emphasizing the key points of DSSCs. Concerning the latter, also the most important classes of molecules which have been used as photosensitizers will be discussed and complementary and alternative technologies will be illustrated.

The course will be held in october 2018. Details on the timetable will be communicated as soon as possible

For any further information please contact Dott. Alessandro Mordini

Life Cycle Assessment: Methodology and Application for Energy and Chemical Processes (2 CFU) - Dott.ssa Maria Laura Parisi

The course will illustrate the fundamental concepts concerning sustainability and the interaction of industrial and environmental systems. Focusing on the basic principles of the Life Cycle Assessment, the course will provide insight of the methodological aspects underlying the implementation of an environmental footprint calculation of products and processes, also through practice exercises.

The course will start on March 6th 2018. The foreseen timetable would be organized with lessons twice a week, to be agreed upon with students.

For any further information please contact Dr. Maria Laura Parisi (parisi11@unisi.it)

Struttura, funzione ed interazioni di proteine - Dott.ssa Cecilia Pozzi

Per chi fosse interessato a frequentare il corso si prega di contattare la docente entro il 31 gennaio 2018 all'indirizzo mail pozzi4@unisi.it.

L'attività didattica in oggetto verrà organizzata nel periodo febbraio-marzo in date che verranno concordate direttamente con gli interessati al corso.

In allegato trovate il Syllabus di presentazione del corso in oggetto.

"Strategies for Planning a Synthesis – Retrosynthetic Analysis" - Dr. Jack Chen

09 Gennaio 2018 - dalle 14.00 alle 16.00

10 Gennaio 2018 - dalle 14.00 alle 16.00

11 Gennaio 2018 - dalle 14.00 alle 16.00