Didattica 2018/2019

Life Cycle Assessment: Methodology and Application for Energy and Chemical Processes - Dott.ssa Maria Laura Parisi

Il corso avrà inizio il 3 aprile


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Dott.ssa Maria Laura Parisi

Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications - Dott. Claudio Sangregorio

Il corso avrà la durata di 8 ore.


Course details: The course aims at providing an up to date overview on the application of magnetic nanoparticles in biomedicine and on future perspectives. The first part will be dedicated to a brief introduction to the physical properties of this class of materials. Then, the main areas of application, including magnetic fluid hyperthermia and thermoablation, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Molecular Imaging, magnetic cell separation and sorting, magnetic drug delivery, molecular detection and biosensing, will be discussed. The state of the art on the design of these smart biocompatible nanostructures will be also reviewed. The course will be held from January to March 2019


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Dott. Claudio Sangregorio