Emory@Unisi 2024

emory 24
Organizing Committee

Gabriella Tamasi

Agnese Magnani

Michael McCormick 

Katherine McKnelly 

Katherine Davis 

Bilateral Committee


Gabriella Tamasi - Coordinator of Summer School

Agnese Magnani - Chair of Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry & Pharmacy

Maurizio Taddei - Director of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD School

Lorenza Trabalzini - Director of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 

Elena Petricci - Delegate for International Education



Brian Dyer - Chair of Department of Chemistry

James Kindt – Director of Undergradate Studies

Simon Blakey

Monika Raj

Vincent Conticello

Michael McCormick

Tracy Morkin McGill

Matthew Weinschenk

Douglas Moulford

Josè Soria

Nathan Jui

Francesco Evangelista


The Summer Program events are organized with the cooperation of


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