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Discovery of small molecule neurotrophin mimetics as potential therapeutic agents for neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation - Euroneurotrophin

The Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy (DBCF) is partner of the European Training Network EuroNeurotrophin ( dedicated to the discovery of small molecule neurotrophin mimetics as potential therapeutic agents for neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation. The project has been financed in the frame of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks 2017. The University of Siena BCF Department participates to the project with the laboratory of Protein Crystallography headed by Prof. Stefano Mangani. 

More details are provided in the press release announcement and in the project web-page.

UNISI leader:

FISH-chitinolytic-biowastes FOR FISH active and sustainable packaging materiale - FISH4FISH

Funding: EMFF – Blue Economy-2018



NTT Italia, CSIC Spagna, Tecnopackaging Spagna, Università della Tuscia,ANFACO-CEC Spagna,


Project coordinator: 

Training in cancer mechanism and therapeutics – TRACT

Funding: HORIZON2020-MSCA-ITN-2016

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (ITN)



Partners: Oroboros Instruments GmbH, Universitat de Valencia, The Queen's University of Belfast, Sehorse Bioscience, National Institute for bioprocessing training research, Exosomics Siena SpA, Fraunhofer Society, Andor Technology, Almac Diagnostics, Opsona Therapeutics


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A global alliance for Zika virus control and prevention

Funding: H2020 SC1-2016-2017

Partners: INSERM (Francia), Università di Heidelberg (Germania), Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz (Brasile), Erasmus Univeritair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam (Olanda), Università di Leiden (Olanda), Università Cattolica di Lovanio (Belgio), Università di Bonn (Germania), Instituto Pasteur (Francia), the Chancellor masters and scholars of the University of Oxford (UK), Inserm - Trasnfert SA (Francia), Institut de recherche pour le development (Francia), Fundacao Bahiana de Infectologia (Brasile), Commissaria a l'energie atomique e aux energies alternatives (Francia), Centre National de la recherche scientifique (Francia), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK), Insituto de Higiene e Medicina tropical (Portogallo), Università d'Aix Marsiglia (Francia), Nasjonalt folkehelseinstitutt (Norvegia), Insituto Nacional de Salud publica (Mexico), Instituto mexicano del seguro social (Mexico)

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