New synthetic methodologies

The discovery of new synthetic methodologies for more efficient and sustainable preparation of important molecules is still one of the main fields of interest of contemporary Organic Chemistry. In our laboratory we developed several new synthetic processes employing microwave dielectric heating. Recently we produced a new system to introduce gaseous reagents in a microwave reactor in order to carry out reactions with pressurized gases under microwave heating. Using this methodology we are investigating new domino reactions based on hydroformylation reaction. The possibility to control relative and absolute stereoselectivity with organometallic and organic chiral catalysts is also under investigation. Using the same device, microwave assisted catalytic enantioselective hydrogenation, carbonylationand alkylation reaction are also investigated. The methodologies developed have been applied to the synthesis of natural products and important pharmaceutical active compounds. Examples: tetraponerine, epiquinamide, lepadiphormine, and other piperidine alkaloids; also new original syntheses of blockbuster drugs as aliskiren, pitavastain or vilazodone have been accomplished.


Researchers involved

  • Elena Cini - PostDoc
  • Marianna Pizzetti - PostDoc
  • Luca Giannotti - Ph.D. Student