Synthesis and study of photochemical molecular switches Z / E photoisomers

The study is related to molecular switches Z / E as mimetics of rhodopsin, natural protonated Shiff base.

The N-alkyl indanilidene-pyrroline Schiff base (NAIP) shows the excited state properties similar to those of 11-cis chromophore (PSB11). NAIP can be easily obtained by a tandem reaction cyclopropyl ring-opening / nitrilium ring-closure. A multidisciplinary research of computational chemistry and retro synthetic analysis and synthesis has contributed to the preparation of an N-alkyl-pyrroline indanilidene Shiff base characterized by an exocyclic double bond and with zwitterionic characteristics. Of all these compounds have been conducted studies of photo isomerization Z / E


Researchers involved

  • Massimo Olivucci