Chemistry - Chimica (a.a. 2014-2015)



Motivated students with a three-year degree in Chemistry or an analogous degree from EU and non-EU countries will study in a challenging environment at one of the leading Chemistry Departments in Italy. In fact, the University of Siena is one of highest ranked Italian universities in Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry (Source. Final Report of the National Evaluation of Research Quality, VQR 2004-2010 Area 03 Chemistry, page 25). 



The Master Degree prepares students with an advanced knowledge and skills in the most important areas of Chemistry (Physical, Inorganic, Organic and Biochemistry). These studies will prepare the student for a wide range of professional activities as well as continued doctoral studies. Lessons are complemented with specific lectures on subjects related to chemistry for life science or for sustainable development. The second year activity includes with 300 hours (12 credits) of internship in companies working in all fields of chemistry*. The internship also allows for international experience within the EU through the Erasmus programme and other European exchange programs. Numerous Italian companies adhered to the internship program. The students complete their studies by participating in a high level research project (6-8 months) within international research groups at the University of Siena or other public or private institutions.

Students have the opportunity to apply for an international double degree. Contacts with outstanding European University are in progress.


* At the moment the following Companies are available for the Master Degree internship:

       Novartis Vaccines Italia (Siena)

       Nuova Solmine s.p.a (Scarlino-Grosseto)

       Biochemie Lab. (Florence)

       Syndial-ENI (Milan)

       Colorobbia s.p.a (Empoli)

       Dompè Farmaceutici (Milan-L’Aquila)