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CIAK, (re)AZIONE! - Il contest video rivolto a studenti e studentesse

Questo periodo mette a dura prova le attività didattiche tradizionali e
l'insegnamento della Chimica ne risente particolarmente.

Per questo motivo, con l'obiettivo di stimolare la creatività e
l'interesse di studenti e studentesse di ogni ordine e grado, il Gruppo
Interdivisionale “Diffusione della Cultura Chimica” della Società
Chimica Italiana, con il supporto della Divisione di Didattica della
Chimica e dell’associazione Beauty of Science, bandisce il Premio "CIAK,

C'è tempo fino al 15 giugno per stupirci e stupire con la bellezza della

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Post-doc position open in the Libri team, Institut Jacques Monod


A post-doctoral position is open in our team  « Metabolism and function of nuclear RNA » at the  Institut Jacques Monod (CNRS / Université de Paris, Paris, France) for a dynamic and enthusiastic post-doc ready to share with us the thrill of understanding the fundamental mechanisms underlying gene expression and genome maintenance. Our team studies the molecular mechanisms of transcription and gene expression in general using yeast a model system. We are most particularly interested in non-coding, pervasive transcription, with a strong focus on the mechanisms of initiation and termination of transcription. In this framework we are also interested in the relationships between transcription and replication. We address these questions with biochemical, molecular biology and genomic approaches. The applicants should hold a PhD and have expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology and genomics. Basic knowledge of some bioinformatic tools (e.g. Galaxy) would be welcome. The successful candidate should be able to plan and execute a research project autonomously. She/He should be able to use the English language, but knowledge of French is not required.

The Institut Jacques Monod (IJM), located on the campus of the Paris left bank urban project, is one of the main centers of fundamental research in biology in France and offers a multidisciplinary research environment. The Institute brings together thirty research groups working on cell and developmental biology, biophysics and genomics. The postdoctoral researcher will benefit from an extremely stimulating scientific environment, and will have access to state-of-the-art core facilities (live-cell imaging, proteomics, genomics).

The contract is a 12-month contract financed by the FRM (Fondation pour la recherche médicale) with the possibility of an additional 12-months extension. The position is open immediately but the starting date is to some extent flexible. Applications should include a CV and a letter of motivation summarizing your scientific interests, as well as the contact information of at least 2 scientists for reference.


Contact domenico.libri@ijm.fr


Web page: LibriLab

Twitter:@DomenicoLibri @LabLibri

PhD student position in the Vision Institute - Olivier Marre lab

A position for a Ph D student is available starting next September in the lab of Olivier Marre (http://oliviermarre.free.fr/ ), in the Vision Institute (http://www.institut-vision.org/en/), Paris. The funded position is part of a Marie Curie training network, and the student will have the opportunities to interact with a network of retina labs across Europe.

A major focus of the lab is to understand the computations performed by the retina on the visual scene, how they depend on the visual context, and what are the circuits that implement these computations. We address these issues using modeling and a combination of experimental tools allowing to stimulate specific components of the retinal circuit while recording the retinal output. The exact project is flexible depending on the student interests.
The lab is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative. It includes people with a variety of backgrounds (biology, physics, engineering) doing modeling, experiments or both. The Vision Institute is located in the center of Paris and houses 21 research teams working on retina, vision and vision diseases.

Note: an important constraint is that the Ph D student should be coming from a foreign country (formally, he/she should have spent less than a year in France over the last 3 years).

If you are interested please send a cv to olivier.marre@gmail.com.


POSTDOC POSITION AVAILABLE Pathogenesis and treatment of immune and bone diseases Lab:Anna Villa SR-Tiget, OSR

Applications are invited for a Junior PostDoc position at the Laboratory of Pathogenesis and treatment of immune and bone diseases directed by Dr Anna Villa at SR Tiget, San Raffaele Institute, Milano.

Our lab combines cellular and molecular studies to understand the pathogenesis of severe combined immunodeficiencies and investigate novel therapeutic approaches.

The host Institution (San Raffaele Hospital) offers an excellent working conditions including state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructures.

SR-Tiget is a world leading Institute in gene and cell therapy for the treatment of human genetic diseases

We are looking for a PhD researcher willing to learn and give her/his contribution to studies on immune dysregulation and gene correction (gene therapy and gene editing) of severe combined immunodeficiency due to RAG defects. The project will combine gene therapy in mouse models and gene editing studies in human hematopoietic stem cells.

The successful and ideal candidate should be a highly motivated person with a strong teamwork attitude and interest in disease-oriented research, with a PhD degree in the field of basic or translational biology. Previous experience in immunology field and mouse models is appreciated.

The position is available immediately.

Salary will be commisurated to the candidate experience.

Candidates are invited to send their application (including a motivation letter, a CV) or informal inquires to dr Anna Villa (e-mail: villa.anna@hsr.it)

Post-doctoral and technician positions at Laboratory of Stem Cel

Post-doctoral and technician positions at Laboratory of Stem Cell and Neurogenesis, Division of Neuroscience, Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan-Italy

Two positions are immediately available in the Laboratory of “Stem Cells and Neurogenesis” at Ospedale San Raffaele on the project “Exploring the symptomatic reversibility of Dravet syndrome in murine and human models”, funded by Fondazione Telethon and Associazione Gruppo Famiglie Dravet.


We are looking for:

a post-doctoral researcher; the ideal candidate is a highly motivated PhD scientist who wishes to advance in his/her academic training and consolidate the research experience in neuroscience. A specific background in cellular and molecular biology and experience with animal model manipulation are required.

- a research technician with experience in murine models, animal handling and care. Additional experience in mouse behavior will be considered as a plus.


The post holders will join a team working on Dravet syndrome, a devastating infantile encephalopathy with pharmaco-resistant epileptic seizures and behavioral alterations caused by loss of sodium channel activity. The project aims at testing the reversibility of the syndrome with both genetic and pharmacological approaches.



The positions will be funded for one year and renewable up to 3 years and salary will be determined according to the candidate experience.


Selection process

Please send your applications including a summary of research interest, Curriculum vitae, and at least two contacts for reference by email to: colasante.gaia@hsr.it

Gaia Colasante

Stem Cell and Neurogenesis Unit

Division of Neuroscience

Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan-Italy

Computational post-doc position at The F. Crick Insitute

Computational Scientist

Post-doctoral fellowship

The Cancer Epigenetics Lab https://www.crick.ac.uk/Paola-scaffidi is looking for an enthusiastic postdoctoral fellow interested in studying how

disruption of epigenetic control and transcriptional deregulationcontribute to cancer development. The successful candidate will be

expected to develop a project addressing important biological questionsrelated to: robustness and plasticity of epigenetic regulation,

transcriptional stochasticity, phenotypic intratumour heterogeneity, orany other interesting topic that fits into the general interests of the lab.

The appointed postdoctoral fellow will both work side-by-side withexperimentalists and mine publically available datasets.

We are based at the Francis Crick Institute in central London https://www.crick.ac.uk and benefit fromcore-funding by Cancer Research UK, the UK Medical Research Council, and the Wellcome Trust.

Some recent studies:

Torres et al, Science 2016 – epigenetic basis of intratumour heterogeneity Chakrabarti et al, Molecular Cell 2019 – CRISPR mechanisms Mourikis et al, Nature Communications 2019 – machine learning to identify cancer drivers

The position:

• 4-year fellowship, with a possible extension for up to 6 years in total

• Access to state-of-the-art facilities and Science Technology Platforms https://www.crick.ac.uk/research/platforms-and-facilities, and collaborativeand multidisciplinary research culture

• Competitive salary, based on experience, with benefits


• Strong quantitative research background with a PhD in areas such ascomputer science, bioinformatics, mathematics, physics or related disciplines

• Demonstrated ability to perform high-quality research, and capacity toformulate hypotheses, test them and follow through

• Experience with single cell transcriptomics and/or transcriptional regulatorynetworks and/or systems biology is highly preferred

• Strong and evident motivation, creativity, excellent communication skills and genuine enthusiasm for science

Further information on the Crick postdoctoral programme can be found at:

https://www.crick.ac.uk/careers-and-study/postdocs/postdoc-programme and


If you are interested in joining the Scaffidi Lab, please send a cover letter and a CV to Paola.Scaffidi@crick.ac.uk

A Staff Scientist position is available in the DNA replication and genome stability laboratory

A Staff Scientist position is available in the DNA replication and genome stability laboratory lead by Francesca M. Pisani at the Istituto di Biochimica e Biologia Cellulare (IBBC, ex IBP), CNR, Via P. Castellino 111, Naples, Italy.
The selected candidate will join a project focused on the analysis of the coupling between DNA replication and sister chromatid cohesion in human cells. Complementary experimental approaches will be used including biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology techniques as well as single-molecule biophysical analyses with correlative optical-tweezers fluorescence microscopy.

The following qualifications, skills and experience are required:
• PhD and Post-Doctoral experience
• Expertise in molecular and cell biology (CRISPR-Cas9, transfection techniques, retroviral/lentiviral infection, cell-cycle/apoptosis analysis, cell-survival and -proliferation assays). Expertise in protein biochemistry will be a plus.
• At least two publications as a first author in peer-reviewed journals
• Excellent written and oral communication skills in English

A 4-year full-time contract (“Ricercatore CNR, III livello, con contratto a tempo determinato”) is offered with a salary of 50,000 Euros/year, starting in February/March 2020.

Candidates are invited to send informal applications (containing CV with a publication list) to Francesca M. Pisani (e-mail: fm.pisani@ibp.cnr.it; mobile: +39- 3396313841).

Two Post-doctoral positions in Vascular Biology

Two Post-doctoral positions in Vascular Biology (assegno di ricerca) The positions One three-years postdoc and one one-year postdoc positions in Vascular Biology are available at the Department of Biosciences of the University of Milan, in the group of Dr. Alessandro Fantin.

The positions are funded by a competitive salary supported by a private foundation and departmental funds.

Qualification The postdoctoral researchers will be a highly motivated and career-oriented research fellows with a high level of independence and a PhD degree in molecular, cellular or developmental biology, or equivalent. Experience with tissue culture and mouse or zebrafish in vivo handling is essential. Expertise in transcriptomic profiling and mouse surgery will provide a selective advantage.

Candidates possessing excellent analytical, organizational and communication skills in spoken and written English must be able to work independently as well as with interdisciplinary teams. The project The formation of blood vasculature (angiogenesis) is a physiological process during development. However, angiogenesis can be stimulated following injury or during certain diseases, such as solid tumours and neovascular eye diseases. Instead, the formation of new vessel circuits can compensate for the lack of blood flow following ischemia.

The laboratory of Vascular Physiology (https://bioscienzebio.unimi.it/gruppo.php?id=54 ) is interested in understanding how macrophages and myeloid progenitors of the immune system promote angiogenesis during development and in neovascular diseases. Lab webpage: https://bioscienzebio.unimi.it/gruppo.php?id=54. Publications of the lab relevant for this project: Plein et al., Nature 2018; Liyanage et al., Arter Thromb Vasc Biol 2016; Fantin et al., Nature Protocols 2013; Fantin et al., Blood 2010).

The environment The laboratory of Vascular Physiology is part of the Department of Biosciences, which has recently gained the “Department of Excellence” award and financial support by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR). The department is an international environment with a wide expertise, including bioinformatics and cellular, molecular and structural biology, offering an exceptional research environment and access to cutting-edge departmental advanced facilities (https://bioscienzebio.unimi.it/facility.php) and four University Unitech platforms (https://www.unimi.it/en/node/503). Finally, the lab is located in Milan, a cosmopolitan city, which has been ranked number one for quality of life in Italy: https://www.turismo.milano.it/wps/portal/tur/en. Interested candidates should submit their application including CV, a cover letter with description of research interests and the contact information of at least two referees to Alessandro Fantin at alessandro.fantin@unimi.it.

Post for postdocs Fantin-1.pdf


The International Max Planck Research School in Chemical and Molecular Biology (IMPRS-CMB) is looking for talented and motivated PhD candidates of all nationalities with a background in MOLECULAR and CELL BIOLOGY, BIOCHEMISTRY, BIOPHYSICS, APPLIED and THEORETICAL PHYSICS, MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY, SYSTEMS BIOLOGY and related fields.
Online applications are possible from today. DEADLINE: October 31st, 2019.
For further information and to apply, please visit our webpage https://www.imprs-cmb.mpg.de

PhD Student Positions at IMPRS-LS - Munich

The International Max Planck Research School for Molecular Life Sciences (IMPRS-LS) is a PhD program that brings together two renowned Munich based Max Planck Institutes (MPI of Biochemistry and MPI of Neurobiology) as well as two leading German universities, the LMU and TUM, to deliver first class doctoral training for the world‘s most promising young scientists.


Our students enjoy world class research facilities, dedicated training workshops and supervision from faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields. Combined with a focus on early independence in research, our PhD program ensures those aiming for a successful career in science have the very best starting platform.


More than 60 distinguished group leaders actively participate in the PhD program and offer challenging and cutting-edge PhD projects in the following areas:

  • Biophysics & Bio-imaging
  • Computational & Systems Biology
  • Gene Regulation & DNA Biology
  • Circuit Neuroscience & Neurodegeneration
  • Protein Structure & Protein Folding
  • Signalling & Immunology

We invite talented, creative and enthusiastic students with a commitment to basic science to apply before November 15, 2019.


All students accepted to the program will receive a generous PhD fellowship including social benefits and travel support.

Further information and application details are available at: www.imprs-ls.de


Professor Positions - Faculty Positions in Higher Education


Dear Faculty and Researchers,

It gives me great pleasure to present you the next issue of our academic newsletter which includes open faculty and research positions, ranging from senior executive roles through to academic posts and research related positions, in higher education worldwide.






Clinical Faculty Position in Pediatric Immunology Dalhousie University
Pro­fessor in Lo­go­ped­ics University of Helsinki
PhD Student Position in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine University of Oulu
As­sistant / ​As­so­ci­ate Pro­fessor in Lo­go­ped­ics University of Helsinki
Doctoral Student Positions in Breast Cancer Genetics and Functional Modelling Team University of Oulu
PhD in the Faculty of Medicine Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Research Associate in the Field of Clinical and Translational Medicine Informatics University of Luxembourg
Tenure Track Assistant Professor Precision Drug Therapy University of Groningen
Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor in Maternal and Child Health University of Canterbury
Research Fellow in Medicine University of Auckland
Professor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Combined with the Position of Specialist Physician Uppsala University
Researchers in Translational Genomics of Diabetes Uppsala University
Assistant Professorship for Hepatology University of Zurich
Assistant Professorships for Translational Oncology University of Zurich


Lecturer in Nursing Australian Catholic University
Assistant Professor in Nursing York University
Professional Practice Fellow in Critical Care Learning University of Otago
Assistant Professor in Nursing Science with a Specialization in Nursing Uppsala University


Postdoctoral Fellow in Adelaide Dental School University of Adelaide
Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Drug Development University of British Columbia
Postdoctoral Position in Proteomics and Protease Biology University of British Columbia
Canada Researh Chair Tier 2 in Functional Polymeric Biomaterials Dalhousie University


University Assistant Postdoc in Sports Science University Innsbruck
Assistant Professor in Child and Adolescent Health in the Context of Primary Health Care York University
Lecturer in Population Health University of Otago
Senior Lecturer in Maternal and Child Health University of Canterbury
Associate Professor in Maternal and Child Health University of Canterbury
Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Assistant Professor / Associate Professor (Health Sciences) Singapore Institute of Technology
Doctoral Student in Reproductive Health Uppsala University
Lecturer and Project Manager Healthcare Management Zurcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
Assistant Professor in the School of Health Sciences Purdue University


PhD Position in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Freiburg

Biomedical Sciences

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Technology University of Adelaide
Predoctoral Researcher in the Department of Head and Skin Ghent University
Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology University of Waterloo
Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology University of Copenhagen
Associate Professor of Physiological Metabolism University of Oxford
Tenure-Tack Assistant / Associate Professor in Comparative Pathobiology Purdue University


Professor of Plant Synthetic Biology University of Adelaide
Faculty Positions in Chemistry, Computer Science, Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Endowed Chair in Population Cancer Research Dalhousie University
Professor in Evolutionary Genetics Aarhus University
PostDoc in Terrestrial Ecology University of Copenhagen
Professorships in Metabolism University of Copenhagen
PhD Position in Single Molecule Imaging University of Freiburg
PhD Position in Zoology University of Freiburg
Professor of Microbiology Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
University Lecturer in Biodiversity University of Gothenburg
Postdoctoral Service in Endocrine and Reproductive Toxicology Uppsala University
University Lecturer in Systems Physiology University of Cambridge


Professor of Dryland Agriculture University of Adelaide
Professor of Decision Agriculture University of Adelaide